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At JOESAN TRAINING, we create solution - and have been doing so since 2005. As the leading training company, we combine human Physical & Psychological health with our "EQNLP" and "I-TECH" to focus on "POSITIVE HUMAN PERFORMANCE Wellness & Productivity Management".


Industrial Chemical Safety and Handling Courses      


Deals with the proper handling of chemicals. It discusses Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labeling systems. It also presents eight important guidelines to follow when handling various chemical substances. <Contact us for more>

Is designed to help employees understand the health hazards of various chemical substances. The program also explains how certain chemicals can affect human health and how these harmful effects can be avoided and what procedures should be followed in case of accidents. Participants will be taught how to recognize common symptoms and effects of hazardous chemical exposures. They are also warned about relying on their senses to detect toxic substances. <Contact us for more>  
This program addresses the subjects of fire and explosion as related to chemical substances. Various characteristics of the chemicals such as flash point, reactivity, vapor pressure, etc. are clearly demonstrated and the safe handling and storage of potentially hazardous materials is stressed. Participants will gain a better understanding of how various chemical substances can contribute to a hazardous situation. They will be made aware of the consequences of using the wrong type of fire extinguisher, and will learn how to prevent fire explosions. <Contact us for more>  



This covers entry into vessels, storage tanks, chemical reactors, or other confined spaces where there may be an oxygen deficiency, environmental contamination, fire hazard, or other situation which may be immediately dangerous to life or health. The program outlines requirements and procedures for working in these operational areas and details the safety responsibilities of workers, contractors, and supervisors for preventing personal injury. <Contact us for more>

This workshop begins with a brief overview of the purpose of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. It discusses both health and physical hazards which employees may encounter by being exposed to hazardous materials. The workshop takes one through the overall program by alerting the employer to start out with an inventory of hazardous chemicals which they have at their facility. The program then goes into the explanation and use of warning labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). The next area discussed is the training for employees so that they will recognize hazardous materials and how to handle them & etc. <Contact us for more>  
This program illustrates that the safe handling and storage of all chemicals, regardless of where they are used, requires a commitment by everyone to follow safe work procedures. The program explains how chemicals can contribute to cause a fire or explosion. It also illustrates how they can come in contact with the human body as well as enter the body. It demonstrates control measures to include elimination, substitution, isolation, ventilation and monitoring of contaminate levels. This program also explains proper personal hygiene, good housekeeping and the wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment. <Contact us for more>  
Gas cylinders supply a wide variety of gases for a multitude of different industrial, medical and domestic purposes. The program includes a description of various types of gases and the hazards associated with gases in general. It also covers things to do before using a gas cylinder as well as other general do’s and don’ts in the area of storage, handling, transportation, leak testing and emergency procedures. <Contact us for more>  

THE MSDS:—           

This course presents a useful and understandable explanation of the common characteristics of the MSDS. How to find the answer to questions concerning emergency information, hazardous situation response and prevention using the MSDS is covered. Objectives- how to use and understand the MSDS as part of your Hazard Communication Program. <Contact us for more>  


A very important training for all employees and employers or Spill Clean up Team to check if proper procedures have been followed. The contingency plan and its components, assessment checklist with inventory, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), proper labeling and identification, personal protective-equipment procedures and guidelines, components of a Chemical Awareness and Spill Response Checklist, on-site training requirements, drills and preparedness, identifying potential spill hazards, operating procedures for isolation purposes, waste-material disposal, first-aid issues, and regulatory reporting requirements all are discussed esp. the correct type of absorbent being use.
<Contact us for more>

All courses are specially design to meet your objective and as well the company vision.


Forklift truck is considered as a highly powered vehicle that is designed with many of its characteristics to arrange, lift and transfer goods which most of it are heavy, costly and dangerous. Forklift truck drivers, neglecting safety regulations and the safe working procedures while less mental preparation has been recognized as the main cause of accident which results injuries, loss of life and lost of properties.

This FORKLIFT TRUCK SAFETY TRAINING is designed carefully with initiative to increase the awareness of forklift truck drivers on aspects pertaining to personal safety, surrounding people and the properties while operating the vehicle. This module will also indirectly increase the skill, competency and mental preparation of the forklift truck drivers.


Objectives :


To reveal the important issues which involves forklift truck driving such as knowledge, skills and attitude.Upon completion of this program participants will be more sensitive on the safe operating procedures to ensure his safety, people surrounding, and properties are safe guarded. It will also enable them to identify and avoid risk by operating the forklift truck safely and be free from accidents.
Lectures, which will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and English, will cover 9 important topics:

  • Safety at work place
  • Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994
  • Forklift Truck components
  • Daily forklift truck inspection
  • Feeding and refueling
  • Understanding gears and operation controls
  • Steering controls
  • Forklift truck stability
  • Forklift Truck operation safety

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