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At JOESAN CHEMICAL, we create solution - and have been doing so since 2002. As the leading chemical company, we combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.


CURING COMPOUND - ULTRA CURE AS 1000 – The AS 1000 - is a water-based concrete curing compounds, formulated from silicate and may be used on interior, exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. The application of AS 1000 to a freshly finished concrete surface will help ensure that the water required for proper hydration of the cement stays in the concrete, instead of evaporating out hence reducing a complete hydration of the cement.



ULTRA WAXSHINE - Keep your floor clean and smooth with a transparent mild glossy shine. Ultra Wax shine does the job with ease. Even with heavy traffic and daily wear and tear, working well with virtually all types of flooring, from vinyl to linoleum, ceramic, stone and tile. Ultra Floor Wax Shine beats the competition of most squeaky clean floor cleaners. No-sticky and no rinse formula - Makes cleaning all water-safe surfaces a breeze without the sticky feeling.
Ultra WAX OFF - is a high potency wax stripper and heavy duty cleaner compounded of detergents, special amines and a concentrated combination of emulsifiers for quick thorough removal of all brands of wax, floor polishes or metal-cross linked floor finishes. It is an efficient removal of wax and floor finish from most types of floor surfaces.
ULTRA Cement remover
A low Ph cleaner that will soften cement encrustations on floor tiles and wall tiles so that they can be removed easily. It has
a fast penetrating formula that enables it to dissolve deep into the unwanted cement on concreate, mosaic, ceramic tiles, homogenous tiles and etc.

ULTRASEAL (Tile Sealer) A type of sealer formulated on modified acrylic polymer. It is designed for chemical resistance and protective properties on concrete floors or resilient tiles. Ultraseal demonstrates excellent adhesion properties on concrete / tiled floors which has been cleaned - shows good wear, gloss and levelling properties along with good chemical resistance.

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