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Why JOESAN (M) SDN BHD as your right partner


Our main focus is on “PRODUCTIVITY”.

  • The right product for the right application leads to Higher Productivity
  • Human Development Leads to Higher Productivity
  • Human HFSA training Leads to Higher Productivity and Retention

Productivity is a crucial factor in production performance of firms and nations. Productivity growth helps businesses to be more profitable. It has long been recognised that productivity is the key to long-run economic growth.  Increases in productivity allow firms (and by extension the economy) to produce more output with the same quantity of inputs.

Traditionally productivity is measured by statistical agencies at the economy level by dividing output by labour inputs (in the case of labour productivity) or labour and capital inputs (in the case of multifactor productivity).

There are many potential drivers of productivity and our main focus including best practical product for the application, Informational technological change and human development through leadership, positive mindset and the wellness of one MIND and body.



We offer -  the Right Chemical and instrument for Your Application
Our site has a very smart search to help you locate the product(s) for your specific application(s). Or contact us for the latest update in our product offering.



We offer -  the right Management and leadership skills
Management and leadership skills contribute to productivity by improving resource allocation within firms. In particular, research suggests that management and leadership skills are associated with improved firm performance and rates of innovation.




We offer  - Health, Fitness and Safety Awareness
Our unique signatured HFSA learning has been thought to reduce work accident, improved health & functionality and contribute to productivity.




Culturally diverse staffs, along with highly professional principles from United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Korea and Germany, has made Joesan a truly global company seeking to provide all valued customer the ultimate chemical solution to their needs.      


2. Information Technology and HFSA AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT
Our company always look into your needs from every different angle to obtain the best way to provide our esteem customer the best solution through our human development training.


We believe that:-

  • "Health is Wealth"
  • "Health is productivity"
  • "Knowledge creates productivity"
  • "Knowledge creates confidence"
  • "Serious Learning can be delivered through a FUN way"

We're here to help you learn the practical, straightforward skills you need to excel in your career. Used together, these skills can help you become exceptionally effective leader, be more successful in your career – and even become happier at work.